See how our data-driven digital marketing campaigns generate better quality health insurance leads.

Generate Leads

Our leads comes from Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Website, Google or affiliates. All of our ads, landing pages, and forms are run through a 4-point compliance check done by 4 team members, the last being our head of Regulatory compliance. 

Verify Leads

Every lead has to complete a 7-step form with full TCPA language vetted by the largest Insurance companies’ legal counsel. 

Certify Leads

Trust form is embedded on every form, and every lead comes with a Trusted Form Certificate Number. 

Scrub Contacts

Each lead is then sent to RDDB Live, which scrubs for wrong numbers, mismatched emails and appends them to the correct contact information. This is done through partnerships with Experian.

Remove Risk

They are then sent to Leadspedia and run through DNC.com and then Blacklist Alliance to remove potential litigators. 

Exclusive + Compliant

They then have a 2nd phone number and email verification done by Leadspedia. Over 50% of our leads are rejected before going to a buyer to ensure we are compliant and each lead is exclusive and is only sold to one center or agent. 

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