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Meet your neighborhood marketing department. Friendly. Committed. Talented. Passionate. Let our connections, experience and creativity be a resource in growing your business.

Hired guns
The Marketing Guy

Brian margolis

Media buys? Done. Press relations? Easy peasy. Eye for the finer things in life? You betcha. CRANK's fearless leader makes sure we can take anything you throw at us, so hit us with your best shot.

King of Production

Matt Oberlender

Matt's his name, deadlines and client relations are his game. There isn't a thing in the office that happens without his knowledge. He's our secret weapon.

The Pixel Negotiator

Kristin Budesa

Whispers sweet nothings to pixels to coax design into creative that works. Straight lines, curvy lines, headlines - nothing can resist a little sweet talking.

Queen of Media

Kristen Lenny

Like, post, comment and share. That's what she does every morning before you even take your first sip of coffee. She keeps our clients in the spotlight news both live and online.

The Number Cruncher

Shana margolis

Our resident number person - everyone knows one. This crazy cat manages books and billing from behind the scenes, making sure everything adds up.

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